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cenote el pit

El Pit is a deep and rugged gash in the jungle floor just 2.8kms past Dos Ojos. The entrance is steep and narrow, so be careful and use the pulleys for lowering heavy equipment as necessary. Arrive early in the morning for this deep dive and best light penetration.

Once in the water, stop and appreciate the tranquil surrounding that tower above. Descend in the middle of the Cenote through a shallow halocline towards the hydrogen sulfide cloud at 30m. Like Angelita, tree branches eerily protrude from the cloud, what seems to be the cavern floor becomes visible. But don´t stop there!

El Pit continues deep below the cloud and narrows into darkness down to 40+m. Continue your dive above the cloud exploring the cavernous overhang of the Cenote before coming up to the sloping ceiling at 10m. Here you´ll not only find stalactites of all shapes and sizes but also enjoy the laser beams of sunlight penetrating the gash from below.


cenote el pit


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